Our Approach

In 1979 when our founder Penny Brohn (pictured here with her co-founder Pat Pilkington) was living with her own cancer diagnosis, she instinctively knew that she needed more than medical treatment alone to support her health and wellbeing.

Our services have changed a lot since that time but our understanding that a cancer diagnosis affects every aspect of a person’s life, from their physical, emotional and spiritual health to their work, family and relationships, remains at the heart of our approach.

A black and white photo of Penny Brohn and Pat Pilkington, our founders.

Everything we do is designed to support people to live as well as they can with cancer. To give them a sense of control over their health and wellbeing, whatever matters most to them. And we know our approach works. Evidence increasingly shows that supporting physical and emotional resilience can improve the quality of life and clinical outcomes of people living with cancer. But most importantly, our clients tell us this too.

"The NHS saved my life. Penny Brohn UK showed me how to live it"

Personalised cancer care

We are all individuals, with our own preferences and needs. Different things matter to each of us, at different times. Our personalised approach offers a whole ‘toolbox’ of ways to feel more informed and supported with cancer in ways that work for you. 

Our services are based around six themes, or pillars, each of which is described briefly below and then in more detail on the linked pages. We hope these offer something for everyone, and you can choose to do as little or as much as you want to at a pace that fits you. 

In our experience, starting from where you are and finding ways to support yourself that you enjoy, make you feel better and will be able to sustain, is the best place to start. You are the expert in your health, and you know best what you need – but we are here with guidance and support if and when you need it.

Our positive approach to diet and nutrition can help you understand the foods and ways of eating that are supportive with cancer, and make simple changes that are practical, affordable and enjoyable.

Restorative sleep and relaxation are so nourishing for your physical and emotional health and resilience. Our team offer lots of ideas and support to help you rest your body and mind in ways that work for you.

Physical activity is beneficial for nearly everyone with cancer, before, during and after treatment. Our exercise specialists can help you find ways to move your body that are safe, fun and sustainable, whatever your situation.

It’s very normal to experience a whole range of difficult emotions with cancer, but you are not alone. Our one-to-one counselling and group support can help you find ways to cope and feel more yourself again.

From enjoying time in nature, to engaging with music, art, Qi Gong and more, we offer uplifting ideas to help you find joyful moments and lift your spirits every day, especially at difficult times.

Managing the side effects and symptoms of your cancer and cancer treatment may feel like the most important thing right now. Our support programmes and consultations can provide the personalised advice and support you need.

Evidence and impact

At Penny Brohn UK, we are committed to delivering services that are high quality and make a meaningful difference to people’s lives. We do this through the work of our Evaluation, Evidence and Insight team.

How we include people with cancer

We are very proud to have a Client Voice group at Penny Brohn UK, so we can hear directly from people with cancer and ensure that we are constantly improving our work. If you would like to join this group, click the button to learn more about the group and how to get involved.

If you have any questions about our approach to personalised cancer care, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page where we have answered some common queries.