The services we offer

Penny Brohn UK is the cancer health and wellbeing charity. We support any adult with any type of cancer, anywhere in the UK. 

Whether you are newly diagnosed, going through cancer treatment, adjusting to life after treatment or living with a terminal diagnosis, we can give you the tools and support you need to live better with cancer and feel more in control of your life.

Based on over 40 years of experience, we offer a range of ways to learn and experience how simple, evidence-based lifestyle and complementary approaches can help you to feel more resilient and enjoy a better quality of life with cancer. 

All our services are led by our qualified and experienced practitioner team, are free to join, and can be accessed following a simple registration process that can be completed online or with the support of our client support team. 

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From relaxation sessions and yoga classes, to personal consultations, to wellbeing days and retreats, we offer a range of online and in-person services each week. This page tells you a little about them and how to find out more. Our programme changes regularly, so we recommend signing up for our weekly ‘What’s On’ email to stay up-to-date.

Online Support

Our online services are a convenient way of accessing a whole range of support from the comfort and safety of your own home. This can be especially helpful when time is short or you’re not feeling your best.

Offered on Zoom, the sessions are available to anyone with a simple registration. If you’re not familiar with Zoom and need a little help getting started just ask.

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Welcome to Penny Brohn UK

The ideal place to start if you are new to us, this short session with our friendly team will guide you through the support we offer and how you can use our services.

Treatment Support Programme

For anyone preparing for, having, or recovering from cancer treatment. This programme is led by a doctor and nurse. It is offered over 4 weekly online sessions.

Regular group sessions

Our weekly programme includes a wide range of sessions to support your physical and emotional wellbeing with cancer, including nutrition, exercise, yoga, Pilates, dance, relaxation, mindfulness, healing, hypnotherapy, lymphoedema support and resilience building. No experience necessary!

Self-care resources

We have lots of information and videos you can access at any time. These include our Health and Wellbeing Wheel, Healthy Eating Guidelines, recipes and exercise and relaxation videos.

In person group activities

Online services are a great way to learn new information or join our regular sessions, but we know that nothing can replace the magic that happens when people come together to connect, share and support each other in a relaxing safe space.

We offer regular Wellbeing Days and residential Retreats at our beautiful centre on the outskirts of Bristol.

These special programmes, led by our expert team and associates, give you the opportunity to experience a range of activities to support your physical and emotional health and resilience, as well as enjoying time for yourself and with others going through similar experiences.

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Personal Consultations

Sometimes a group is not the best place to get the personalised support you need, so we offer one-to-one consultations with our experienced integrative doctors, counsellors, nutritional therapists, exercise specialists and complementary therapists.

These appointments are a chance to share your personal concerns and receive tailored support and advice. Most of our consultations are offered by phone with a few in-person consultations each week at our centre near Bristol.

As well as the support provided by our expert practitioners, our client support team are at the end of a phone or email to offer a listening ear and help people you access the support that is right for you

Evidence and impact

At Penny Brohn UK, we are committed to delivering services that are high quality and make a meaningful difference to people’s lives. We do this through the work of our Evaluation, Evidence and Insight team.