I have a cancer diagnosis

Welcome to Penny Brohn UK. We know that having cancer is tough, but whether you’re dealing with a new diagnosis or are further on in your cancer journey, you are not alone. We can help you find the health and wellbeing support that is right for you; whoever you are, whatever type of cancer, we are here for you every step of the way.

Whether you have just been diagnosed with cancer, are going through, or recovering from treatment, or are looking to live as well as possible with your cancer, the links below will tell you more about how we can support you.

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Based on over 40 years’ experience, all our services and resources are designed to help you learn and experience how simple, evidence-based lifestyle and complementary approaches can help you to feel more physically and emotionally resilient, and give you back a sense of control and hope, whatever your prognosis. 

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Each week we offer a range of online sessions, personal consultations and in-person activities* that are free to join wherever you live in the UK. From nutrition sessions and yoga classes to relaxations and wellbeing days*, our expert team of doctors, nutritional therapists, exercist specialists, counsellors and wellbeing practitioners can give you the tools you need to live as well as possible with and beyond cancer. 

*At our beautiful wellbeing centre in Ham Green, near Bristol

"The NHS saved my life, Penny Brohn UK showed me how to live it"

All our services are led by our qualified and experienced practitioner team and can be accessed following a simple registration process that can be completed online or with the help of our friendly client support team. We also have a wide range of online information and resources for you to use at any time that suits you.