Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

A photo of tapping hands

In this video, Hannah Currant provides you with an introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique also known as E.F.T. or ‘Tapping’.

EFT is also known as ‘Tapping’ or Acupuncture without needles, and once learnt can be used on anything, anywhere!

Hannah will demonstrate:

  • The acupressure points used
  • How to tap on them
  • What you might say
  • And then how to apply this to a tap–along example, for releasing stress and anxiety.

Research shows that Tapping calms the amygdala in the brain (where emotions are given meaning and remembered), regulates our nervous system, and reduces stress and anxiety.

EFT can help with emotional, physical and psychological symptoms such as anger, anxiety, mood, self-esteem, depression, and pain, to name just a few! Research has shown a reduction of the stress hormone cortisol.

In this video Hannah will explain a little about EFT, its uses and a basic ‘how to’. If you’d like to learn more in detail, why not join an online themed workshop with Hannah.

Additional EFT tips

  • If you’re not sure what to tap on or what to say – don’t worry – just tap!!! Tapping regularly helps calm the nervous system.
  • You can use one hand or two. It doesn’t matter.
  • When ‘tuning into’ the issue/problem/difficulty – explore where and how you might feel that in your body?
  • Does it have a physical sensation? (e.g a tightness in the chest)
  • Does it have a direction of movement? (e.g a churning in the stomach / a rising feeling in the throat)
  • Notice if you can give it a colour/texture/form, and add that into your description as you tap round the points
  • Keep switching between the physical and emotional sensations. If anything shifts or changes or arises – add that in.

Once you’ve done a few rounds on what you’re feeling – you can give some attention to what you’d LIKE to feel.

  • See if you can clarify what that might be and how it might feel (e.g. a sense of peace and spaciousness/calm and loving etc).
  • Begin to add this into the tapping with sentences like:
    • I choose to feel calm about this
    • I choose to be surprised at how easily I can let this go
    • I allow myself to be peaceful around this
  • Notice what the ‘Yes but’s” are, and build them in! (They will conveniently pop up! Turn the volume up and bring them in!).
  • You can alternate between the positive and the negative and keep checking in with the original set up statement, and how strong it feels in relation to where you began, and if anything else has arisen feel free to follow that.
  • If it’s a strong reaction/thought/feeling, again give it a scale from 1 to 10 and keep going!
    Remember, there’s no getting it wrong – just keep naming whatever comes up and keep tapping! Enjoy and good luck.

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